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dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON – Top Rated Stucco Company- We Can Make Your Creative Ambition Come True!

dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON – Wether you want to remodel your entire home, or just patch up a problem area on your exterior, we have been in the business for decades and can produce the upmost quality of work. Our experts come and give a FREE CONSULTATION, where they’ll go into the details of what your particular project will entail according to what you have in your imagination as far as aesthetics are concerned. We always come up with the best route for your desired outcome and consider your budget, design preference and time frame of course.

TOP STUCCO AND STONE CONTRACTOR- dryvit bayview woods-steeles

  • we have over 20 years of experience in stucco and stone
  • our professional staff will asses your need, and help you come up with a plan to execute what you want and come up with accurate estimates
  • our successful business has been built on good business practice and reputation: accurate estimations, strict time frame completions, quality of materials and work
  • we have been doing this for so long, that we know how to source out the best materials, and therefore offer the best prices and we execute the job quickly and safely
  • our team at www.easysorter.ca is comprised of skilled workers who are always available and get the job done right and in a timely fashion
  • we are fully licensed and insured
  • we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS in-home, and free estimates online


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dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON – STUCCO HOME CONSULTATION

Once your projects desires and design are finalized, we will then work to find your preferred material to be used in the project. We have an excellent relationship with all the major local vendors, and we can provide the best quality materials for the best prices all of which land in the frame set out by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) which have generated consensus documents with the help of material suppliers/producers, contractors architects and engineers. So whatever your desire is as far as materials go, we can bring you the top brands in Canada and go over a plethora of styles to find what suits your taste at dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON

dryvit bayview woods-steeles – During the installation phase of your project, our managers will keep you posted on the progress, and work closely with our experts to make sure that every phase is going according to plan and code. If there ever is an issue, our team will work with you to keep the project moving forward while coming up with viable solutions. At Easysorter.ca , there is no such thing as a problem without a solution, and you’ll notice this as our experts will guide you to all available options in any situation.

Have a look through our gallery and see some of the completed projects we have recently worked on and call for an in-home FREE CONSULTATION.


When working with a tight budget or timeframe, an aesthetically pleasing stucco job isn’t always the easiest to achieve. If you are looking to remodel your exterior home, choosing the right contractor can be the difference between a project that quickly turn into a disaster financially and emotionally, and having your imaginations dream run smoothly, on time and within financial parameters.

www.easysorter.ca is an owner operated stucco company, and we pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve managed to build over the years after consistent successful projects and happy customers over the coarse of 20 plus years. We have worked in coordination with some of the top construction companies and completed an unimaginable amount of various designs on different projects.



  • Portland cement based stuccos
  • one coat-stucco
  • three coat-stucco
  • exterior insulating and finishing systems (EIFS)
  • cat face textures
  • lace textures
  • smooth textures and finishes
  • sand/float finishes
  • Santa Barbara finishes
  • worm finish
  • swirl texture
  • dry dash texture
  • stippled finish
  • imprint finish
  • wavy

HOW MUCH DOES STUCCO RENOVATION COST? – dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON

Stucco will run you $8-12 per square foot for installation. An 80 pound back of mix will cost you $12 and cover twenty-five square feet at 3/8” thickness, while a finishing coat of stucco will cost between $22-29.00 for a bag. A finishing coat requires less material as it is a thinner layer, and so you’ll need fewer bags to finish.

On average we deliver a %15-25 reduction in cost compared to other companies. We are able to obtain such savings because we are an owner operated business, and because of our amazing relationship with suppliers within the industry. We’ve cut out the middleman essentially, meaning you receive the best quality of materials and craftsmanship for %75 of the cost.

In addition, we will come and do an in-home consultations where we’ll discuss your specific project and we can also provide you with a free online estimate which won’t change unless the customer adds extra services or other expensive alterations.


We can personalize your as we have access to the best materials that there are on the market. We only use the most durable, weather resistant, attractive stucco for inside or out. A lot of the times, direct sunlight is to blame for fading exterior stucco, sometimes all it takes is a fresh paint to bring life to it again. However flaking and peeling are almost always a result of sprinklers, if you do experience this, it is definitely a good time to redo the stucco, and possible change the colour and texture of your stucco exterior.

We are always there to listen to what our customer has as a vision, and will always work towards that vision no matter how difficult it is to achieve, we always look for solutions.

WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE – dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON

Hiring independent stucco contractors, typically entails working with younger men who are out to make a quick buck and fend for themselves.dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON – though they may be cheaper, energetic and have a good hand, relying on them to complete the job completely and on time may be an issue as experience isn’t part of their skill set.

With Toronto Stucco & Stone you only speak to the owners of the company who have a hefty 20 plus years under their belts in stucco installation and remodelling experience. They’ve already gone through those years of irresponsible quoting and mismanaging schedule times. In the end this means a more efficient job finishing and a peaceful head for you the customer.


dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON – whether it’s a full on stucco renovation, or simply a remodelling, we have all the expertise and knowhow to get what you want done and on time with the best quality materials out there. Our professional team of experts meet with you in your home and ask the important questions to extract the exact vision you have for your home. We then proceed to create your vision as close as possible within your budget and timeframe.

Best Stucco Remodelling company – dryvit bayview woods-steeles ON

  • we have over 20 years of stucco remodelling/renovating and installing experience
  • fully licensed and insured
  • in home FREE CONSULTATION and online estimates that are free
  • our team of experts will assess your needs, and help you come up with your ideal stucco Reno
  • we have the experience and can get you the finest of materials within the stucco world
  • our business is built on reputation and basic principles of good business practice
  • our team is unrivalled at what they do, they are highly skilled and always available to get the job done in a timely fashion and properly

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